Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

Corrugated packaging has advanced considerably in recent years. Better boards and construction techniques mean that boxes and trays are stronger and lighter than ever before.

Using boards with water resistance and other barriers has many advantages for growers and suppliers of fresh fruit and vegetables. It keeps their produce fresher for longer, enhancing its quality at the point of purchase.

The ability to use the same packaging to protect and then display produce is creating new possibilities for our customers.

In recent years, considerable advances in corrugated packaging have resulted in better boards and refined construction techniques.

The retail ready revolution has generated real innovation in the fresh fruit and vegetables category. As well as protecting the products, it creates aesthetic appeal to shoppers and provides a system for speedy and efficient recycling.

Contact us for more ideas on packaging for fresh fruit and vegetables - and see how you can:

  • Promote and make your product easy to locate in store
  • Protect your product whilst making it supply chain efficient
  • Easily knock down after use and be 100% recyclable
  • Make packs water resistant