Redefining packaging for a changing world

We are different as we see the opportunity for packaging to play a powerful role in a changing world. We help our customers respond to changing shopping habits with the sustainable packaging solutions that our society needs.

We think differently. We take a flexible approach to the solutions we create and operate where our customers need us. Our people thrive on finding innovative ways to help customers achieve more for less – sell more, reduce costs, manage risk and complexity in their supply chain.

We innovate together. We tackle big challenges in the whole and not just one part to find answers that would otherwise be out of reach. From design to production and supply to recycling we offer our customers a joined-up solution that is sustainable for all.

We put sustainability at the heart. We can make, use, collect and recycle cardboard packaging within 14 days. We are ambitious in using innovation to tackle some of the world’s most complex sustainability challenges.

We develop the right strategies. Our experts work closely with customers to understand their needs. Together we find ways to help take advantage of today’s opportunities to powerfully deliver products.

Why we believe in the Power of Less

The world wants us all to do more with less. Increase sales with fewer resources. Boost marketing impact while cutting costs. Innovate more while taking fewer risks. Who do you turn to at a time like this? A company that believes in:

the power of less

Everybody at DS Smith is obsessed with doing more while using less. Operators on the assembly lines feedback insights for optimising pallets. Consultants clamber inside containers with measuring tapes. Designers add strength while cutting weight.

Circles are simpler than chains. When you think of your supply chain as a cycle, you re-use materials, lower costs and reduce risk. That’s The Power of Less in action.

  • Less waste and more recycling
  • Less materials and greater impact
  • Less cost and increased prosperity
  • Less complexity and greater efficiency'