Speciality Papers

DS Smith makes papers for a number of specialist markets including construction, tissues, food manufacturing, stationery and education.

All of these papers are made on state-of-the-art machinery to ensure quality as well as cost-effectiveness.

All of our products are made from sustainable fibres and 100% recyclable.

Plasterboard liner

Sales contact: Elisabeth Schmid

Plasterboard liner


Sales contact:
- at Coullons Mill: Isabelle Roume
- at Kaysersberg Mill: Sabine Valladeau 


Solid Board

Greyboard White UD2 Laminated Board/Film
Brownboard White UT2 Printed Board/Film
Hard Sized    

- at Coullons Mill: Isabelle Roume
- at Kaysersberg Mill: Sabine Valladeau

Solid board

White/Printed Paper Plates

Sales contact: Sabine Valladeau

Paper Plate