Heavy Duty Packaging

Corrugated containers for the storage and transport of heavy products or equipment.

Our heavy-duty, sustainable packaging solutions are the perfect way to protect, maintain and transport your valuable heavy products and equipment globally. All our solutions are easy to use and can be customised to meet your exact requirements.

Case study

A powerful and sustainable packaging solution for PSA car batteries

We’ve replaced the high-maintenance, returnable metal containers previously used by the French car group PSA, to ship their batteries with a single-use, sustainable cardboard-wood packaging system.

Returnable container, more sustainable, with maximum protection

The new packaging consists of a triple channel cardboard body, anchored to a pallet using recyclable plastic clips and is stackable to create further efficiencies. Inside, the packaging space is optimised and batteries are secured using a bespoke system of fixings including metal hooks, wooden blocks or screws. Our solution, which can also be printed, provides maximum protection and eliminates the cost of returns, maintenance and cleaning.