Sourcing Sustainably

Sourcing sustainably

As with every business, our impacts don’t start and end at our own sites. We have an opportunity to influence sustainable practices throughout our entire value chain, focussing in particular on how we work with our suppliers, through the goods and services we buy. We understand that to ensure the highest ethical standards, we must look to form partnerships with our suppliers, encouraging improvement and collaboration.

Fibre Sourcing

Although as Europe’s largest recycler we prioritise recycled fibre through our circular business model, we also purchase paper through our paper sourcing platform. In order to deliver truly sustainable value, we must protect the resources that our business will need tomorrow whilst we consume virgin fibre today. This means exclusively sourcing 100% recycled or chain of custody certified papers, a standard achieved in 2019/20 across all of the papers we purchase that we continue to uphold.

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Global Supplier Standards

All of our suppliers are required to comply with our Global Supplier Standards (GSS). In addition to this, we strengthen our supply chain using advanced automation and intelligence to proactively manage ethical, social and environmental risk. Starting with strategic suppliers, suppliers are required to undertake an assessment of their sustainability practices and where suppliers fail to meet the standards we expect of them, they are supported in making improvements.

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