Simplify your End-to-End POS Process

At DS Smith we understand your markets and the End-to-End process and we design assets more efficiently and consistently, so they can be utilised across multiple brands, markets and retailers.

By adopting a collaborative approach with supply-chain partners, we improve speed to market without compromising your position instore.

The complete POS service

At DS Smith, we are much more than designers and manufacturers. From design to delivery, we use our experience and expertise to truly understand your customers and the markets you operate in, before using the latest technology to produce the solutions you need.

1. We plan Our in-house teams strategically plan your POS campaign using the latest market insight, shopper trends and retail insights provided by experts.

2. We design During the technical design phase, you work alongside our POS plants and creatives. After a clear briefing and selecting the types of POS products you require from our online catalogue, we start developing and engineering your new POS idea.

3. We test  Once we have an approved idea we produce a prototype to test materials and design, for load-bearing and logistics for example. At this pre-production phase we also specify and source materials to ensure quality of the print production process.

4. We produce After the testing phase, your new POS idea will be manufactured and printed. We also take the fulfilment aspects, such as co-packing and merchandisers, into account. 

5. We distribute We deliver your POS campaign either direct to store or via your distribution centres. Any materials that aren’t used in the displays can be easily recycled to reduce waste. 

6. We analyse Any reports you send us on our POS solutions are sent back to our teams to improve our service to you. Analytics and results from your latest POS campaigns can also be used to provide you with new shopper insights. 

High quality POS solutions across Europe

We deliver on our promises to ensure your campaigns have impact, our POS manufacturing is high quality and our POS solutions are delivered on time. With dedicated Point of Sale teams across Europe, we are well positioned to meet your needs across the Continent from Poland to Portugal, with fast, localised turnarounds where required.

Everything you need to stand out in-store

We can help you with deeper customer insights, smarter innovations and sustainable POS solutions, all deployed with speed, agility and scale. Contact us about your next campaign today.