Cut the cost of managing your pallets with KAYPAL®MR

KAYPAL®MR is our innovative cardboard pallet pooling solution. It cuts costs, increases sustainability and visibility and is better for your employees too.

Connect your warehouse to your retailers’ distribution centres with KAYPAL®MR

KAYPAL®MR is designed specifically for multi-layer picking operations and dedicated to FMCG physical supply chain operations. By working in a continuous loop, KAYPAL®MR connects your FMCG warehouses to your retailers’ distribution centres, creating cost efficiencies and improving visibility and sustainability.

Add value to your physical distribution

Whether you’re a FMCG brand or a retailer, KAYPAL®MR is more cost-effective than the majority of pallet pooling solutions available. It also increases the productivity of your logistics operations, significantly improves working conditions and is far better for the environment.


Main advantages


Improves working conditions for your employees:

KAYPAL®MR cardboard pallets weigh only a fifth of a wooden pallet and reduce the number of injuries caused by cuts and splinters.

Reduces your distribution network's carbon footprint: KAYPAL

KAYPAL®MR is built to be reusable and at the end of their life, pallets are fully recyclable with your regular paper/ cardboard waste.

Improves warehouse productivity:

Lighter, easier to handle pallets speed-up your picking lines.

Reduces the cost of your pallets:

KAYPAL®MR is more cost-effective than the majority of the pooling solutions available on the market.

Improves visibility on your pallet flow:

Manage your KAYPAL®MR flows through a dedicated web platform available 24/7.