Fibre Based Pallets

A cleaner, greener, cost-effective alternative to traditional wooden and plastic pallets

Lightweight fibre-based pallets for a wide range of applications

We’ve developed a range of fibre-based pallets to meet the demands of exports, fulfilment, point of purchase bases, and industrial uses. They’re all economical, ecological and ergonomically designed to optimise your supply cycle and meet your sustainability goals.

From corrugated board production to pallet assembly, we have complete control over the entire production process to ensure a higher-quality product built for the demands of today’s supply cycle. The corrugated pallet is easy to handle, 100% recyclable and can be printed with essential shipping information or your brand messaging.

Key benefits of our fibre-based pallets include:

  • Ideal for food and pharmaceutical industries if contamination is a concern
  • ‘Air freight friendly’ where weight is a critical cost factor
  • Ideal for export when restrictions apply to wood
  • Suitable for conveyors, particularly when the pallet is integral to the production line
  • Used pallets can be sold as waste paper
  • Interleaving – to reduce weight, fuel, and carbon on split deliveries.