How to make your packaging circular

The Circular Economy is the alternative to the take, make and discard mindset. It is based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping materials in use for longer, and regenerating natural systems to create a more sustainable, beautiful world. It’s about creating an economy that works in harmony with our natural world.

What does the Circular Economy mean for you?

The Circular Economy is not a compromise. It means a more beautiful future for us and the planet, which also makes financial sense.

As far as packaging is concerned,  it means not using more materials than necessary, optimizing your supply chain, using recycled materials as second nature, and making sure it can be recycled or reused.

Our circular solutions will help you look at your packaging differently. Together we can rethink your designs to be more sustainable

And we know your customers care about that. A lot.

The Circular Economy, a simple but powerful concept that will shape our future for the better

The Circular economy, a simple but powerful concept that will shape our future for the better.

Our world and how we consume has been shaped in a linear way, we take, make, and throw away – We don’t use resources; we use them up.

But where others see linear problems, we see circular solutions.

We have over 700 designers and innovators, who think and create with Circular Design Principles. Principles we have developed in collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Becoming circular: Starting here

No matter what you make and sell, the first thing your customers see is the packaging.

But it’s not only the visual impact that is determined at the design stage, the environmental impact of a product largely is too. With this in mind, we have collaborated with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to create Circular Design Principles that help us reshape the future of packaging for a Circular Economy while helping your brand stand out in a positive way.
As customers look for more sustainable alternatives, our team of 700 designers these Principles to create packaging for a Circular Economy. They design out waste and pollution, keep products in use for longer and regenerate natural systems. There is no better place to start your circle than here with us.

Business cases

See how we used circular design in collaboration with these companies to create more sustainable packaging ideas and solutions.