A seamless and sustainable returns experience for your e-commerce needs


Product Features


Seamless Returns

Our product has an easy to peel return strip ensuring visibly less packaging and no additional materials required to send back items.


Industry Leading

Our designers have collaborated to create a product that uses clever thinking to offer significant benefit. The innovative design requires just one glue strip for two shipments and removes the need for a single use plastic tear strip entirely.


Enhanced Sustainability

With sustainability credentials driving consumer behaviour, our product requires no additional materials to return items. It also reduces hidden non–recyclables and avoids mixing components, making it easy to recycle at home.


Improved Functionality

Our product is designed to do more with less – by using less silicon backing paper and removing the need for single use plastics our innovative solution reduces waste. It also makes it easier for suppliers to process returns and eliminates the risk of stock being damaged when returned.

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