E-commerce tamper proof packaging

Product Features


Dual Security

Putting safety first. We know reducing costs associated with theft is top of mind for our customers. A tamper proof solution for shipment, with an option to include for returns.


Enhanced Sustainability

With sustainability credentials driving consumer behaviour our product eliminates the need for excessive packaging and uses fully recyclable materials to reduce waste and minimise environmental impact.


Design Simplicity

Our designers have collaborated to create an evolutionary product that puts simple design at its core. Featuring a 6-point glued design and incorporating an unique locking system, this solution is not only fast to erect on the pack bench, but also offers secure shipping without the need for additional sealing materials.


Elevating Unboxing Experience

Consumers are seeking a seamless unboxing experience that enables them easy access to their purchases. Our convenient solution ensures products arrive securely and in excellent condition, whilst offering tool free access - helping build trust and driving- repeat purchases with consumers.

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