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Case study

Octabin customer experience

DS Smith Packaging Division Octabins are typically made to suit 1140 x 1140 or 1200 x 1000 pallets, but can be produced to suit all standard chemical pallet sizes and in any other size required to suit your needs.

Packaging problem to solve

A manufacturer of plastic granules was exporting a range of goods of varying densities to their clients in laminated rectangular cardboard boxes. The boxes were cost-effective, but due to the large box panels, they bulged; making it difficult to fit inside the shipping containers. They also required time-consuming assembly and manual handling, creating inefficiencies in the supply chain.

DS Smith  packaging solution

We developed a telescopic Octabin solution, supplied with a die-cut base cap pre-folded and glued inside. As a result, there’s no need for bulky flaps and because the Octabins are supplied ’Lay flat‘, they reduce transport costs and occupy significantly less space in our customer's warehouse.