Mariscos A Ínsua steps forward on sustainability in fishing industry

Mariscos A Ínsua, well know Galician fishing company has switched from polystyrene to corrugated cardboard packaging. DS Smith developed an ingenious sustainable corrugated packaging solution for transporting fish and seafood.

The Galician company Mariscos A Ínsua, which sells fish and seafood from the region's Costa da Morte and Ría de Muros, has taken another step forward on sustainability and is now a national benchmark in Spain. In line with its values of respect for nature, marine environments and fair fishing, the company has switched from expanded polystyrene packaging to sustainable fibre-based packaging solutions.

In addition to its commitment to the environment, regulatory pressure has also been a reason. Several new regulatory measures have been confirmed to boost the circular economy and fight pollution, such as a 50% reduction in single-use plastic food containers by 2026 and 70% by 2030. These are positive steps for Mariscos A Ínsua since this waste accounts for 70% of marine litter and can take up to 400 years to degrade.


In a concerted effort to reduce single-use plastic, DS Smith has developed a sustainable corrugated cardboard packaging solution for transporting fish and seafood for Mariscos A Ínsua.

The main challenge was to design a more circular alternative to its expanded polystyrene packaging, with a view to replacing the specific use of this material.


At DS Smith, developing alternatives to replace expanded polystyrene boxes is not new. DS Smith has different alternatives to meet all the necessary specifications and requirements for transporting fresh products such as fish and seafood in both positive and negative temperatures.

Due to the current high demand for this type of solution, DS Smith has been working intensively over the last few months to develop new pioneering alternatives. Thanks to DS Smith's powerful network of interconnected designers, the company can provide creative and efficient solutions in a short period of time.

The specific packaging solution for Mariscos A Ínsua was designed based on an existing model, developed by DS Smith colleagues in Finland.


What are the benefits of our solutions for fresh and frozen products?

  • They reduce logistics costs. Empty, 410 corrugated boxes can be transported per pallet, compared to 36 expanded polystyrene boxes (same volumes).
  • They boost brand image. Being made of corrugated cardboard means they are highly customizable and can be printed on all sides. It also ensures perfect product identification and traceability while promoting and reinforcing the brand image.
  • They offer an excellent unboxing experience thanks to their ease of opening and the fact they can be disposed of in regular recycling bins.
  • They support sustainability goals. Environmental awareness is increasing among consumers, and it is no longer enough for products to arrive in perfect condition. They expect added value such as environmental awareness, and the use of sustainable materials. That is why brands and consumers alike prefer cardboard packaging.