Sustainable solutions for every stage of your supply chain

The global automotive industry depends on the fast, efficient and safe movement of parts to manufacturing plants, distribution hubs and retailers. Whether your parts are going from city to city or country to country, our packaging solutions are designed for bulk or single parts shipments and the different demands of the journeys they make around the world.

Solutions for your supply chain

Case study

Supply chain optimisation


When a major car manufacturer launched a new retractable luggage cover, they asked us to redesign the packaging. The goal was to optimise the packaging in terms of material costs and logistics.



Results​ :

The old packaging used a main carton with three cardboard inserts to hold and protect the product. Our new solution uses corrugated cardboard with integrated inserts instead of loose ones. It’s also smaller, which means more items can be stacked on a single pallet, saving space in the warehouse and reducing storage costs. In addition, the smaller size optimises truck and container space, resulting in 35% fewer trucks and sea containers required per year. This is saving our customer €443,677 per year and reducing the overall carbon footprint of the product too.