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Plastic packaging replacement for Mettler Toledo InLab® sensors

A sustainable alternative to plastic packaging


The customer is a laboratory tool, application and instrumentmaker, who wanted to replace their existing cardboard and Styrofoam packaging for sensors towards a more sustainable one, using only one material - corrugated cardboard.


Mettler Toledo continuously works on optimising its ecological footprint: from development and manufacturing of the precision instruments to their shipment and ultimately disposal. The company was therefore looking for a more sustainable and efficient alternative to the previous solution. material only.

Our approach: Easy setup corrugated cardboard box

DSS Plant Oftringen (Switzerland) created a single-material solution which is easy to set up without any additional inlays.


  • Monomaterial solution – corrugated cardboard
  • Easy to recycle – better environmental protection across the supply chain
  • Easy to set up which leads to higher efficiency
  • Packaging fit for several sizes of the product
  • Lower cost and lower complexity
  • The solution won the World Star and Swiss Star Packaging Awards in 2016.