Our approach to pharma and medical keeps you one step ahead

Our offering

Tailored solutions for the pharma and medical markets

More sales

Our patient-friendly, easy-to-use packaging ensures key information is displayed clearly and provides excellent brand visibility.

Circular ready

We offer a range of sustainable alternatives to plastic and EPS and our smart packaging designs reduce CO2e and waste.

Lower cost

Our dedicated team of pharma packaging experts use VMI tools, transport testing and extensive quality and compliance control to minimise materials usage and optimise your packaging.

Manage risk

We ensure your high-value medical devices and sensitive products are kept secure and sterile during storage and shipment, and that your packaging meets strict safety regulations.


We partner with everyone in the pharma supply chain

We know the market is made up of suppliers of all sizes and specialisms. We’re experts in the sector and because we really understand the diversity and complexities of the pharma & medical supply chain we provide customised packaging solutions and services that meet expectations from End-to-End.


Redefining packaging for a changing world

The pharmaceutical and medical market is changing fast, with shifting consumption patterns, new technologies and emerging markets. In addition, the expiry of patents is prompting major manufacturers to diversify.

Right across the supply chain, stricter regulations mean even higher quality standards must be met.

During the shipping and storage of drugs, our packaging solutions deliver quality and efficiency, carefully balancing anti-counterfeiting protection and the safety and security of contents with cost and environmental impact.

For medical devices, our effective packaging preserves the sterility and usability of often high-value goods, protecting you from potentially multi-million-euro product recalls.