Webinar: Pharmaceutical challenges in China

Thursday, June 27, 2019 10:00 AM CEST, 30 min

China has become one of the world’s foremost drivers for global production and demand (6.6% GDP increase in 2018). With more available income and an aging population the demand on public health products and services in the country is booming. However this booming demand is also targeted with counterfeit products, raising the awareness of quality. The understanding of the sector developments becomes strategic now more than ever. Big pharmaceutical players entering China must overcome some specific challenges and cannot rely on their usual strategies employed in the Western economies.

DS Smith has deployed a specialised Pharmaceutical & Medical business unit with a team of strategists and a dedicated value proposition to offer a range of solutions all along the supply chain, worldwide, including China.

Join our webinar, and don’t miss out the opportunity to learn about:

  • Global Challenges and Developments in Pharma
  • Situation in China
  • The Pharma Players in China
  • Pharma Packaging in China
  • DS Smith solutions for pharma packaging market in China.


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