Tamper evidence

Secure solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Security is of paramount importance in the pharmaceutical industry. To ensure the security of the pharmaceutical supply chain, tamper-evident packaging provides a practical solution and peace of mind.

It features an indicator or barrier to entry which, if breached or missing, provides visual or audible evidence that tampering has occurred.
In the future, DS Smith believes it is likely that all pharmaceuticals will need to be stored and transported in tamper-evident packaging.

We provide compliant tamper-evident packaging which limits the chances of counterfeiting significantly.

Corrugated tamper evident solutions can be mechanized or glued, including slots, closing flaps, pre-cuts, clipping, creases and tapes.

They can be stacked in multiple ways, making transport simple, and easily branded.  They present a safe customisable solution for guarding your high-value products.


Benefits of the DS Smith's for tamper evidence :

  • Compliant to the international directives
  • Manual or automatic pakcing line
  • Customizable
  • Last choice of solutions ( glued, closing flaps, taped...)