Centering device corrugated

Achieve perfect stacking, avoid damage during transport, reduce costs and limit environmental impact.

When pallets of pharmaceutical or medical products are delivered to wholesalers, hospitals or direct to customers, a neat stack immediately communicates rigour and cleanliness.

Centering devices are innovative design features that ensure products are stacked neatly at all times, which in turn ensures products are safe and stable during transit.

Minimising transport damage caused by unstable stacking is crucial in an effective supply chain. Centering devices can also help lower costs by optimising material consumption and limiting waste.

Using centering devices on packaging also helps limit environmental impact, as the amount of material required to ensure safe transit is reduced, maximising the number of cases that can be transported at any one time and thereby cutting CO2 emissions.

Centering devices can be used on trays with low, wrap-around and folding boxes, for all types of primary packaging.

Benefits of DS Smith's centring devices :

  • Suitable for all packing lines
  • Perfect pallet stability even with column stacking (centring devices)
  • Perfect squaring of packaging so greater efficiency of packing lines
  • Reduction in packaging weight by use of centring devices and mandrel shaping
  • Maximise safety
  • Reliable protection due to internal box reinforcement
  • Reflect a positive brand image