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Compliace-Sustainability standards

Sustainability standards

Packaging that brings together the latest thinking in terms of sustainability with compliance against international standards

Despite the unique challenges of the pharmaceutical industry, it is possible to marry safe shipping and storage with sustainable packaging solutions.

DS Smith knows that packaging needs to adhere to stringent regulations around material traceability, goods manufacturing practices (GMPs), consistent quality, product protection, and often child-resistance.  Anti-counterfeiting is also an important issue, particularly in emerging markets, that can be addressed with the latest advances in secondary packaging.

However, as a major player in the packaging industry, DS Smith also knows that incorporating sustainable solutions delivers a strategic advantage. Our approach to sustainability isn’t just at the material selection stage, but throughout the whole supply chain and product life cycle.

To be a success, sustainable solutions require a focus on the latest thinking in terms of technical, environmental and social relevance. Below are some examples of this put into practice.

Forest management

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) is an international, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. It runs a forest certification scheme to validate products have come from well managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. The majority of our sheet and box plants are FSC® certified and we aim to be fully certified by 2019.

Cardboard recycling

DS Smith’s cardboard and paper products create sustainable value for our customers through responsible recycling, paper and packaging solutions. Our focus is on providing the right packaging for our customers, at the same time as adding value through increasing brand impact and ensuring functionality reflects the changing consumption trends that are typical of the pharmaceutical industry.

Injection moulding

DS Smith is able to reduce waste by offering regrinding services, which can be carried out at one of our sites or our customers’. With facilities strategically located throughout Europe, we are also able to offer logistical services such as filling and removing bottles from crates.

The process involves rigorous control and separation of the material to be recycled, before it is reground and reused in new products. The entire recycling process is executed according to EU guidelines, while the newly recycled products are manufactured following the strictest standards, for example ISO 14001 certification.

Extruded plastic

Polypropylene extruded products can be converted into many different products, with the benefit of being light weight, cost effective, recyclable and reusable. DS Smith offers reusable packaging solutions that meet high hygiene and quality standards.