In the UK, our distribution operations are wholly owned and controlled by DS Smith, providing effective and dependable support to our paper and recycling customers.

Our UK Logistics operation has over 40 years’ experience in paper and packaging logistics and boasts a distinguished track record of supporting our mills and providing our customers with a reliable service. So we can always be sure our paper will be where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

The DS Smith fleet

Our fleet comprises around 60 vehicles and 200 trailers operating out of our network of 4 logistics depots and 2 satellite operations across the UK. As we have no reliance on external suppliers, we have total control over the movement of our materials, providing our customers with greater peace of mind.

Our logistics services are vital links in our closed-loop recycling story and our commitment to the circular economy. By transporting recyclable materials from our recycling facilities to our paper mills and bringing paper to our packaging plants, our teams ensure that paper fibre keeps moving efficiently around our operations. It is also how we can achieve ‘Box to Box in 14 Days’