White Liner Grades

DS Smith has devoted significant resources to successfully addressing the technical challenges of white top test liner production. The world-class clean and smooth sheets of DS Smith White Liners are key for packaging solutions with attractive brightness and brilliant colours.

The right product for every application

DS Smith paper mills enable you to meet your ever changing needs by offering the widest range of high-quality white grades made from either 100% recycled fibres, or fibres sourced from our sustainable forests programme. With a wide weight range, DS Smith is able to satisfy the high printing performance requirements of any modern conversion line.

DS Smith Liner grades are suitable for the most innovative and challenging packaging designs.

While producing White Liner grades, DS Smith uses multiple screening and washing steps using state-of-the-art technology, coupled with two decades of experience working with recovered fibre. The result is outstanding strength, combined with consistent and reliable products that offer high flexibility in production for our customers. 

Our DS Smith guarantee

DS Smith continues to invest in the production process to constantly improve the runnability and printability of our White Liner grades. The Italian mill, DS Smith Lucca, is a great illustration with significant developments in the past few years in terms of mechanical and surface characteristics, followed by a focus on sizing, which enables us to offer both standard and highly sized grades to our customers with very good results in water absorption resistance and printability. As a result, our White Liner grades are today supplied to 35% of the Italian market, making DS Smith the clear leader.

Our White Liner grades are also produced in our Kemsley Mill in the UK, and in our Dueñas Mill in Spain.

With DS Smith White Liner grades, our customers benefit from high performance, superb runnability and excellent printing results, all in a cost effective solution.

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