Medium/Fluting Grades

Long experience and extensive knowledge in dealing with sustainable fibre lie behind the DS Smith Medium / Fluting grades: this is what makes our products the ideal choice where sustainability and environmental considerations are priorities.

The right product for every application

A wide range of DS Smith Medium / Fluting grades is available, from Light to High Performance Medium, to suit every application with any A, B, C, E and R-flute combination.

Our DS Smith guarantee

To provide excellent runnability, DS Smith ensures that all its fluting products fulfil a number of strict specifications. In addition to a consistent moisture absorption profile, the flutingmust perform well in terms of flexibility (for corrugation) and porosity (for glue absorption).

At the paper mills, the fibre preparation lines include a series of advanced screening and washing steps to filter out contaminants that could impair runnability, resulting in very high quality products.

Moreover, by continually increasing the paper fabrication speed, DS Smith provides a guarantee that the Medium / Fluting grades can handle high speed converting in a robust manner. This attention to detail benefits DS Smith customers who experience fewer defects and failures. This results in reduced standing time and waste at the corrugator, resulting in more profit for the customer.

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