Coated Papers

At DS Smith, we are constantly innovating to develop products that benefit our customers across a range of industries. As one of the first three providers of coated papers in Europe, we recognised the opportunity for the product in the paper industry, and have since championed it with our customers, where it has become particularly integral in advertising, publishing and packaging.

Coating paper works by giving it a glossy finish, enhancing quality and giving our customers an aesthetic edge. Even though we launched our first coated paper, Coatedpac LC, in 2014, we provide a variety of white papers, including those specially designed for corrugated cardboard packaging.

A sleeker, defining edge

Specially-designed to reduce trapping and optimise dot gain, the product is given a high-quality, premium appearance which fulfils a need our customers have: packaging with high print quality not solely for usability, but also to promote a brand message to market. Overall, coated papers can carry a message thanks to its unique properties:

  • A Cobb value of 1800, ensuring the product can be used for the transport of dangerous goods in moist conditions.
  • Designed to stand out on shelves with the potential for a variety of eye-catching, appealing designs.
  • Cleanliness, brightness and whiteness make the packaging display-ready at all times.
  • A high degree of mechanical quality, making it highly versatile for a range of uses, including agriculture, industrial uses, consumer goods and frozen products.
  • Optimised to behave better on the corrugator during handling and converting.
  • Making printing easier due to quick ink drying even in digital printing.
  • Designed to be printed without dryers in flexo printing-towers.

The quality, versatility, resistance to moisture and clean aesthetic of the product makes this a popular choice for customers who need to prioritise aesthetics and brand perception.

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