Kraft Liner Grades

At DS Smith, innovation and sustainability are at the heart of what we do, and we’re always looking for ways to improve and diversify the products we offer. Kraftliner, made with pine and eucalyptus virgin fibre, is one of the newest products in our line, boasting excellent resistance to tearing, moisture, stress, and punching.

The paper’s strength makes it perfect for packaging in agriculture, as well as heavy industries that feature a lot of stacking or compression.

Kraftliner comes in two variants: Portopac and Vianapac. Portopac is a Kraftliner blended with high-quality recycled fibre on the bottom side, while Vianapac has a top layer of 100% virgin fibres and a lower layer of high-quality recycled fibres. Both are similar in appearance and performance but excel in different applications.

We recommend Portopac for heavy duty, hazardous goods, and agriculture, and Vianapac for light industries.

Overall, Kraftliner is designed to withstand and function in applications where other paper fails, particularly when it comes to industries exposed to moisture and stress.

Consisting of 80% pine and 20% eucalyptus, DS Smith sources the product from our network of responsible and environmentally-friendly forests. At DS Smith, we are passionate in our mission to ensure environmental impact is minimized.

Working closely alongside our customers, our collective care and respect for the environment is paramount, as evidenced by our sustainable forest management policy and zero-impact philosophy.

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