Visually appealing & planet-safe omnichannel packaging

DS Smith & Elais-Unilever Hellas teamed up to design a convenient solution for multiple cleaning products that bring more efficiency to the supply chain.

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Showing the benefits

The new, recyclable KLINEX KIT packaging is eye-catching and efficient with an innovative handle & sturdy construction. 

  • A modern sleek look that catches the customers’ attention as the shelf-ready solution can be easily transformed into a POS display
  • Safe transport and functional and stable palletization during the transport process
  • Efficient sturdy design ensures safe delivery of cleaning products during a more complex E-commerce supply chain
  • Innovative & durable handle convenient for shoppers to carry multiple cleaning products

For a better life

Our collaboration with Unilever demonstrated the crucial role that proper packaging design can play in optimizing materials, cost savings and the ultimate consumer experience in multi-channel distribution and at the same time contributing to a better environment with circular-ready solutions.