100% optimized Faks packaging

DS Smith & Saponia have joined forces to achieve a new level of sustainability

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Our solution

Sucess story

We successfully replaced problematic single-use plastic handles.

Efficient solution

With the help of an innovative design team’s expertise in circular design principles and Saponia inputs, we successfully replaced problematic single-use plastic handles and optimized the supply chain, which resulted in CO2 reduction. With that, we lowered negative packaging environmental impact.

The new box design has been developed using DS Smith’s ‘Circular Design Metrics’ (CDM) methodology to ensure improved environmental performance.  See the Faks box (3,2kg of detergent) performance.*

*Circular Design Metrics (CDM) is a DS Smith pioneering tool enabling rating and comparing the circularity of packaging designs across 8 different indicators, developed together with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. They provide an identification of the packaging material and its design’s circularity performance, measured within the production life cycle at DS Smith. CDM data is calculated based on indicative metrics from the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO) scale and other sources like Plastics Europe, The French Agency for Ecological Transition (ADEME), ICE2019, EcoCost, Delft UoT and supplier data.

We have recognized DS Smith as a supplier that fits into our sustainability and environmental strategy. We are proud to work together on projects to replace problematic plastics and thus contribute to a more sustainable environment for future generations.

- Dajana Mrčela, CEO at Saponia d.d.

Better alternative

Together with DS Smith, Saponia is making sure that the end consumer receives a product that is not only sustainable but also easy to use and cost-efficient. The box design is optimized for fast assembly on automated packing lines where the paper handle is attached to the packaging. An efficient solution that satisfies consumers’ needs and brings a positive environmental impact at the same time.

Sustainable development, environmentally friendly raw materials and recyclable packaging is a strong focus for Saponia and DS Smith. We are proud to support our common sustainability vision as we are transitioning to a more circular economy with a modern, paper-based solution for detergents.

- Ana Soldo, Subregional MD, DS Smith East Europe