Code of Conduct

Our reputation as a Group is founded on always meeting the highest ethical standards. The DS Smith Code of Conduct has been created to clarify our ethical position on key topics.

All of us have a responsibility to protect the reputation of DS Smith in everything we do and say. It is essential that all employees familiarise themselves with, and comply with our Code of Conduct. Failure to do so puts themselves and the Group at risk.

The Code of Conduct sets out in detail what our commitment to the highest ethical standards means - the behaviour which is expected of us all. It is also linked to our core values – to be caring, challenging, trusted, responsive and tenacious.

The code is summarised below:

Health and Safety

Health and safety is the top priority and DS Smith actively strives for continuous improvement of health and safety in the workplace.

Business practice

It is the policy of DS Smith that all current or potential business partners are treated fairly and equitably.

Human rights

DS Smith respects fundamental human rights and is committed to the principles set out in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


DS Smith is committed to running its business in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Employee Relations

DS Smith is an equal opportunities employer. DS Smith is firmly committed to both the principle and realisation of equal opportunities and its policies are designed to provide such equality.

Personal Development

DS Smith aims to develop its employees to fulfil their potential. It also promotes the alignment of the Group’s talent behind the corporate strategy through communication, engagement and effective management.

Working transparently

DS Smith is committed to conducting all of its affairs with openness and transparency, subject only to the needs of commercial confidentiality.

Community Relations

DS Smith seeks to develop and maintain good relationships in the local communities in which it operates.