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Follow the papermaking process from our quality hub to dispatch, learn how all the machines work, and meet the people that make it all possible.

What you can see on the tour:

  • Raw materials Recycling quality hub – learn about our rigorous quality checks and standards when paper arrives at the mill
  • Stockyard - find out how we pick the perfect blend of fibres to make our high-quality papers
  • Pulper – this is where we process fibres ready for our papermaking machines
  • Paper machine – discover how pulp is turned into paper
  • Warehouse – see where we store our paper
  • Dispatch – Now our paper is ready to head off to our packaging plants all over Europe, ready to be turned back into new products

About Rouen Paper Mill


  • MediumPAC
  • LightPAC
  • MultiPAC



Grammage range:   85-130 g/m2
Production: 300,000 tonnes/year
Speed max:  1,100 m/min
Trim max:  6.90 m


  • 1928
    The mill was founded, producing newsprint paper from mechanical pulp with two paper machines.
  • 1936
    Start-up of two new paper machines, both producing light weight coated paper.
  • 1958
    Start-up of current PM5. At the time Rouen was the biggest paper mill in Europe producing newspaper.
  • 1998
    Production of light weight recycled fluting.
  • 2006
    PM3 and PM4 are closed. Current PM5 specialises in low grammage grades. Production capacity was 220,000 tonnes per year.
  • 2011
    Installation of a shoe-press to achieve 270,000 tonnes per year production capacity.
  • 2015
    Installation of a new winder.
  • 2019
    Several investments to achieve 280,000 tonnes per year production capacity.
  • 2020
    First phase of investment for plastic reject treatment.
  • 2021
    Launched sustainability initiative to support bees and pollinators in urban environment.
  • 2021
    Start-up of our second methaniser and new aerobic tank to ensure higher quality plastic rejects.
  • 2022
    Second phase of investment for plastic reject treatment at Stock Prep.

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