DS Smith Easy Bowl Our innovative fresh food packaging solution that could reduce plastic by up to 85%

DS Smith Easy Bowl®

Our innovative fresh food packaging solution that could reduce plastic by up to 85%

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How we helped Panvita get started with DS Smith Easy Bowl®

DS Smith Slovenia and Panvita will reduce plastic use by up to 85% on over 1.6 million trays annually

To support their brand positioning, Panvita  wanted to replace their existing plastic food containers with a more sustainable option, but without compromising their product quality. The solution needed to meet food safety requirements and also be easy to implement and run in their factories. 

The Ave meat branded products are the first Panvita products to use the DS Smith Easy Bowl® solution. This solution has been developed in partnership with MULTIVAC, a packaging line company with thermoforming machines and tray sealers.   

The packaging solution is designed to replace up to 85% of plastic with lightweight cardboard from renewable raw materials, and the tray is made from 100% recycled paper and is itself 100% recyclable. The light and rigid structure of the design means that the amount of plastic used in the packaging and materials can be easily separated for recycling. 

At Panvita, we strive for a sustainable future at every step of our production. With our excellent collaboration with DS Smith and the introduction of new packaging, we have taken an important step forward in our commitment to reducing environmental impacts.

- Toni Balažič, Director of the Panvita Group

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