Serialisation and anti-counterfeiting

Packaging plays a crucial role in preventing the trade of counterfeit pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

Pharmaceutical market players worldwide are aware that product serialisation can reduce counterfeiting significantly.

Serialisation means that a comprehensive track-and-trace system is implemented to follow the pharmaceutical products all along the supply chain.

Every product can be identified with a serial number, in addition to its origin, shelf life and batch number.

This allows a product's whole lifecycle to be traced, for example from production, through distribution, and finally into the hands of the patient.
Other anti-counterfeiting technologies available include Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), bar coding, selective varnish and nanotechnology.

DS Smith monitors closely such developments, advising clients and providing solutions that are compliant with legislation.

The aim is to control and monitor a highly complex distribution network from manufacturer to consumer, providing authentication of the product at various levels in the supply chain.