Heavy duty and containers

For some pharmaceutical products, regular cardboard boxes are not sufficient - DS Smith's heavy duty corrugated containers fit the bill.

Corrugated containers

DS Smith offers a wide range of heavy duty corrugated containers for the storage and transport of heavy pharmaceutical products or equipment.

Our creative solutions are developed jointly by listening to customer needs and working together with our own experienced designers and engineers.

Packaging ideas are fully tested in our UKAS and BSI accredited laboratory, guaranteeing high quality for our customers.


In pharmaceutical industry, Octabins are mainly used for powders or granules transportation and can be loaded up to 1200 kgs.  They are designed for domestic and export use. 

Intermediate bulk container

An intermediate bulk container (IBC) is a reusable industrial container designed for the transport and storage of bulk liquid and granulated substances, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals and solvents.

Pallet Boxes and Intermediate Bulk Containers also provide a cost-effective packing option, as they save on labour and shipping costs.
Customers benefit from ease of access and the reduced amount of cardboard that needs to be recycled.

Easy Pack

Available in tough double or triple wall heavy duty corrugated cardboard, Easy Pack is suitable for product weights of up to 1000kg, and can be double stacked for worldwide shipment.

The Easy Pack front folding feature provides unrestricted access for easy unloading of products, while being accessible from any side. Easy pack also reduces the need for bending and stretching and therefore the potential of manual handling injuries.

Easy Pack can be produced to your specific requirements, presenting a professional image, optimising the whole process and generating significant savings. When used in conjunction with our cardboard pallets, the container can either be re-used or fully recycled, benefiting the environment.