Nano fluting

Maximising potential for the pharmaceutical industry

Nano or micro fluting is the ideal solution for grouping boxes transporting different pharmaceutical or medical products in one consignment.

This type of box has its main function the need to pack and protect such items, regardless of the shape and size of their primary packaging. It is suitable for manual packing or automatic packing lines

To ensure maximum visual appeal, DS Smith also supports pharma clients with high quality, customisable printing techniques.

In partnership with our pharmaceutical clients we explore varied packaging solutions, to maximise marketing appeal and operational efficiency.

Benefits of nano and micro fluting:

  • Optimal protection thanks to thin but resistant material
  • Allows excellent printing quality and complex designs
  • Converting capabilities such as foil board printing, embossing and foil applications, as well as UV printing
  • Child resistant, senior friendly designs
  • All-board solution with 100% recyclability