E-commerce solutions

Online sales are on the rise also in the pharmaceutical sector. Pharma businesses are adapting by adding e-commerce solutions to their offering.

Poorly designed packaging can increase return rates, undeliverable product, increase shipping costs and risk to patients with the probability of counterfeits entering the supply chain. 

At DS Smith, we ensure that the specific needs of your e-commerce business are considered. When your bespoke solution is developed, we will ensure that it considers the safety and security of your products, to minimise returns and encourage brand loyalty is retained.

Sustainability and brand value

The average amount of empty space in e-commerce is as high as 50%. At DS Smith, we offer solutions that are sustainable, using just the right amount of packaging which lowers shipping costs and avoids empty space while keeping the products safe. Shoppers want impactful, in-store experiences replicated in their e-commerce interactions, so why not make unwrapping new purchases a unique moment of home theatre? Packaging is after all an opportunity to extend brand messaging into the home.



Thanks to DS Smith's revolutionary Made2fit technology, you’ll need just 3 blank sizes to create packaging that fits your product perfectly – eliminating void fill.

  • to create 10 million box combinations from 3 blanks
  • easy to pack single and multi-orders
  • erect, fill, close and label boxes in a single process
  • incorporate Ebro and DISCS capabilities

bg-made-to-fit-desktop -c ontent image.jpg

eBox Range Optimizer

Our software app eBox Range Optimiser is a packaging optimisation tool that recommends the optimal number of different boxes, and their sizes, based on the most frequent order combinations for your e-commerce business.

  • determines the optimal dimensions for your box range
  • stimulates the optimal number of boxes for your product portfolio
  • recommends the best fitted box for each order with the highest fill rate
  • overall packaging cost reduction of 11% to 55%

eBox range optimizer.png