E-commerce pharmaceutical packaging solutions

Online sales are on the rise also in the pharmaceutical sector. Pharma businesses are adapting by adding e-commerce solutions to their offering.

E-commerce distribution creates numerous challenges as products are required to be protected whilst being distributed around the world. With e-commerce booming also in this sector, there is also a real risk for patients and consumers in the form of fake medicines.

Poorly designed packaging can increase return rates, undeliverable product, increase shipping costs and risk to patients with the probability of counterfeits entering the supply chain. At DS Smith, we offer solutions that ensure your products are shipped and received in the desired condition at the lowest possible shipping cost.

As a PS9000 pharmaceutical accredited packaging supplier, DS Smith can utilise it’s experience in the product packaging requirements, to intuitively develop pharmaceutical e-commerce solutions, that reduce shipping costs, ensure deliverability and enhance the customer experience.  

Custom solutions developed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry ensure that the specific needs of your e-commerce business are considered. When your bespoke solution is developed, we will ensure that it considers the safety and security of your products, to minimise returns and encourage brand loyalty is retained.

  • Bespoke Design
  • Reduced Package size
  • Light weight packaging
  • Postal Packs

Selling pharmaceutical products online brings not only challenges in terms of packaging optimisation, but also risks related to patient safety. There is a strong need to secure the supply chain and protect the end consumers/patients from fake medicines.

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