Over the counter product promotion

Easy assembly point of sale display

Challenge: Increase brand value and raise awareness

A medical laboratory needed an easy-assembly display solution for use in pharmacies to promote their over the counter (OTC) products.The objective was to simplify the placement and use of displays at the point of sale, increase impulse buys and promote brand awareness.

Our approach: Create a personalisable, easy to use floor-standing display

DS Smith knew that for pharmacies to use the point of sale display, it needed to be simple to construct. So, we built a display that could be delivered flat and would automatically convert to a free-standing unit. We also knew that it was important for pharmacies to be able to customise the display, so we added a personalisable front panel as well as an adjustable number of compartments that could be changed depending on the product and the pharmacy's needs.

Results: Simple to use, eye-catching display that provides easy access to products

  • Quick implementation
  • Guaranteed stability
  • 360° access to products
  • Brand awareness
  • Increased impulse buys