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Compliance-Performance standards

Performance standards

Packaging that can withstand the challenges of the most demanding supply chain

The pharmaceutical industry requires exceptional levels of quality and control and falls under UN certification about how certain products can legally be transported. This is particularly important for products that are manufactured in low aseptic environments.

DS Smith goes above and beyond to ensure the packaging it designs not only meets but exceeds expectations, so carries out rigorous testing against performance standards.

Because the pharmaceutical industry requires exceptional levels of quality and control we meticulously test and validate all the products we design.  This way we can ensure they meet all relevant standards and are able to withstand the challenges of the most demanding supply cycle.

There are three stages to the DS Smith performance validation process:

Stage one: Computer modeling

DS Smith has developed innovative computer modelling software to simulate an individual supply cycle and measure against it the potential performance of different materials.

The program considers the pressures the pack might undergo and calculates the best material to meet the specification. Having this sort of insight can make all the difference in terms of efficiency and productivity.

Stage two: Real-life testing

Before any packaging solution goes into production we subject it to a battery of real-life tests to ensure its performance meets our exacting standards. This includes climatic, drop, burst, puncture, compression, stacking strength, moisture or vibration, as well as horizontal and vertical impact tests.

Stage three: Independent verification

Knowing how important it is for our customers to be able to guarantee the safety of their high value products, we go a step further and provide external validation for our packaging.

We have established a Central Laboratory where customers can receive a report confirming that packs have been independently tested and meet the packaging criteria outlined by the UN.