Dueñas Paper Mill

Dueñas Paper Mill is located between Valladolid and Palencia in northern Spain and is strategically positioned near the France-Portugal railway line, ensuring strong transport links across France and the Iberian Peninsula.

Dueñas specialises in white top testliner, both coated and uncoated, and is the only mill in the south of Europe to produce coated white top testliner.

DS Smith’s Paper and Packaging teams operate out of the same location, creating efficiencies that benefit our customers.


  • CoatedPAC TOP DC
  • CoatedPAC DC
  • CoatedPAC DCE
  • CoatedPAC LC
  • WhitePAC A HP
  • WhitePAC B HP
  • WhitePAC B
  • WhitePAC C
  • LinerPAC
  • LinerPAC Unsized
  • MultiPAC


PM1 two-layer machine

Grammmage range: 100-190 g/m2
Production: 100,000 tonnes/year
Speed max: 800 m/min
Trim max: 2.51 m

PM2 two-layer machine

Grammmage range: 120-180 g/m2
Production: 124,000 tonnes/year
Speed max: 1,050 m/min
Trim max: 2.58 m


1960 First paper machine start-up – the mill was founded
1994 PM2 and a new cogeneration (CHP) plant start up, increasing production capacity to 90,000 tonnes per year
1996 Packaging plant start-up
2010 Installation of the new cogeneration (CHP) plant with 35 mW (combined cycle)

Contact mill

DS Smith Paper Dueñas
Dueñas Paper Mill
Carretera Burgos Portugal km 98
Palencia 34210
Tel: +34 979 76 14 13

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