Optimise your packaging range with the eBox Range Optimiser

Our software app eBox Range Optimiser is a packaging optimisation tool that recommends the optimal number of different boxes, and their sizes, based on the most frequent order combinations for your e-commerce business.

By implementing a box range that’s the right fit for your product range, you’ll cut costs, improve efficiency and put smiles on your customers faces.

Packaging optimisation: discover your ideal box range

One of the biggest challenges in e-commerce? Packaging optimisation: Finding the right balance between too few box sizes, causing void fill, and too many box sizes, causing storage issues.

To help you find your optimal box range, DS Smith has launched a new software application. The eBox Range Optimiser:

  • determines the optimal dimensions for your box range,
  • simulates the optimal number of boxes for your product portfolio, and
  • recommends the best fitted box for each order with the highest fill rate.

Cut costs

Packaging optimisation has an added bonus. You’ll spend smarter, as well. With a box range that’s tailored to your product portfolio, you’ll avoid unnecessary expenses on

  • excess material: you’ll need less corrugated board and void fill chips
  • damaged goods and returns: with boxes that fit better, delicate items are more likely to survive their journey to your customer
  • transport: you’re using less space per box, which means you’ll get more items into one shipping

Increase your efficiency

Packaging optimisation means you’ll use up less storage space, simplify handling and speed up the packaging process.

Make your customers happy

By consuming less cardboard and void fill, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint. Taking into account that almost 6 out of 10 of customers would like to see less packaging and almost 8 out of 10 would like packaging that’s 100% recyclable, you can count on a lot more happy customers.

You provide the data, we calculate the box range

How does the eBox Range Optimiser work? Easy does it, all we need are your:

  • product dimensions and weight
  • order combinations
  • current box range dimensions
  • transport and material costs

Based on those data, the eBox Range Optimiser will tell you exactly which boxes you need.