No one understands your e-commerce supply cycle like us

From your warehouse or store to your customer’s door, we help you meet all your packaging challenges.

As a leading provider of e-commerce packaging solutions worldwide, we are recognised for our supply cycle expertise, our innovation and for the quality of our packaging. By understanding your business and exploring your specific e-commerce supply chain, we provide packaging solutions that can manage risk, reduce costs and increase sales. What’s more, we do it with ‘Circular Ready’ solutions that reduce CO2, protect natural resources and help you meet your sustainability goals.

Understanding your packaging

E-Commerce is a complex business. But the good news is that we are here to help you take it to the next level.

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We tick every box

We recognise that different customers have different packaging needs. But we know your primary expectation is to ensure your products always arrive undamaged and on time.

We have a long experience providing e-commerce packaging solutions for a wide range of industries and meeting every logistic challenges. Today we have the proven tools, processes, testing facilities and services you need to support your customers’ changing habits and your expansion or transition to online sales.  We can also work with you to see how your existing packaging solutions can be fit for your e-commerce environment.

We are Redefining Packaging for a Changing world

As shopping habits evolve, consumer expectations change and supply chains become more complex, we are innovating to make your e-commerce packaging works harder than ever before. 

Every small change we make to your e-commerce packaging makes a difference that is good for your business and the planet.

  • You benefit from optimized packaging performance and quality
  • You create a more efficient supply chain
  • You preserve natural resources, reduce waste and CO2

Our approach to sustainability

Sustainability is core to our Purpose of Redefining Packaging for a Changing World. Our new Now and Next sustainability strategy focuses on the sustainability challenges we are facing today, as well as those that will impact on future generations.

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