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Wrap Around SRP: a fully automated Packaging

A fully automated packaging/machine concept has been developed to enable a flexible approach for different Packaging Units

To handle multiple Packaging Units fully automated with the minimum of material demand and optimized TCO is the Key Driver to improve the Output of products and constant quality on the shelf.

SRP Picture.jpg

As a leading supplier of sustainable packaging solutions to the Consumer market, we believe using high quality corrugated material coupled with exceptional design and Packing Lines means that products are not only protected in the supply chain. The combination of optimized design and smart machine concept ensures the high quality standard and short time to market with maximum visual appeal at the shelf and your customer.        



  • Fully automated erection, filling, closing and palettization process.
  • Flat delivered sheets to improve the Inbound Process and costs
  • 100% recycled material options available (white or brown)
  • Multiple sized manageable
  • Full Concept from Single point of Contact – DS Smith