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Big Bang E-commerce box

DS Smith's client, Big Bang, approached our experts with the aim of developing an E-commerce packaging solution which could ship all of their computer sets.


Their offer, which consists of four basic sets with different size laptops/computers, various monitors and multiple accessories needed to fit in an all in one solution for E-commerce.

The request was to present a box design and unboxing experince which has a “wow” effect,  and could be easy to open and to disposal.    


DS Smith presented a two part solution:

  1. Outer box which has a infinitive print which really makes the box  stand out and handles which makes it easy to carry the box. The outerbox also creates extra protection for the very sensitive products which is packed in the inner box.
  2. Inner box which has fixed positions for all the accessories which gives a nice unboxing experience and keeps all the accessories in place during shipment. The inner box can also be reused as a laptop stand.