Carbon Management

A tool to help you identify and reduce your carbon emissions.

Reducing CO2

DS Smith's proprietary carbon management tool has been designed to help organisations reduce CO2 generated by recycling and waste management initiatives. As well as providing an accurate way of measuring current emissions, the technology highlights ways to proactively reduce these levels.

How does it work?

Based on the Environment Agency's Waste and Resource Assessment Tool for the Environment (WRATE), the tool takes into account all variables that could impact calculations. Such factors may include transportation, tailor made waste management processes, intermediate bulking points, and final treatment or disposal of the waste or commodity. It enables the removal of items of value from residual streams and calculates the carbon, diversion, energy and cost benefits of stripping these elements out.

What will it show me?

Drawing on supplied customer specific information, the tool gives you an accurate indication of your current CO2 situation, allowing you to:

  • Test a number of different waste management techniques to identify the optimum solutions in-line with your KPIs (key performance indicators)
  • Develop a sustainable recycling and waste management plan
  • Highlight poor performing areas to target
  • Analyse in-depth CSR (corporate sustainable responsibility) data bespoke to your activities and waste streams