There's only one way - How to Guide

There's only one way - How to Guide

DS Smith’s roadmap for companies wishing to achieve more efficient recycling and waste management practices, whilst improving both environmental and financial performance.

No one said it would be easy. Minimising waste and maximising recycling is a challenge. Managing the cost of waste whilst achieving legislative compliance at the very least, and environmental best practice as an aspiration, can appear complicated. But landfill simply isn’t sustainable and, while waste to energy keeps non-recyclables out of the ground, it shouldn’t be the default solution. We cannot let waste to energy simply become the ‘new landfill’.

DS Smith are dedicated to simplifying waste management and delivering zero waste solutions – with an unrivalled dedication to making sure all the materials that can be recycled really are recycled.

In this guide, we take you through the entire waste management process: how to assess your performance, set objectives, reduce complexity, gain greater value from your investment, and get closer to truly achieving zero waste.

There’s only one way to achieve zero waste. DS Smith shows you how.

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