a fully recyclable, fibre-based alternative to plastic shrink-wrap for rigid bottle multi-packs

DS Smith Lift Up

A fully recyclable, fibre-based alternative to plastic shrink-wrap for rigid bottle multi-packs


Product Features

Enhanced Sustainability


Our product contributes to the circular economy by embracing sustainable practices. By using a clip made from 100% recyclable material, we not only remove plastic and save energy but also reduce CO2 emissions. Additionally, the clip is effectively recycled as well. Moreover, our bundled packs require no tertiary packaging, eliminating unnecessary waste.

Stand out in store


Our product boasts a clean, minimalistic design with a sustainable look and feel. Not only does it provide a visually appealing print surface, but it also offers higher product visibility. This combination allows for excellent branding opportunities, both when selling from a shelf and when displayed on a pallet. Furthermore, our product features the ability to mask individual bottles with barcodes, offering convenience and efficiency in inventory management.

Superior Customer Experience


The product offers a strong and secure feeling, ensuring that your items are well-protected during transportation. Additionally, the soft grip provides a comfortable carrying experience when bringing it home. The clever clip design allows for easy removal of individual bottles, adding convenience to your everyday usage. While the banderole maintains its strength throughout the supply chain, it can be effortlessly torn open at home. Moreover, its easy-to flatten feature makes it hassle-free to store for recycling, promoting sustainability and efficient use of space.

Tested and Validated


Our validated solution is designed to run seamlessly on high-speed Krones lines. We take pride in guaranteeing the stability of our packaging throughout the entire supply chain, from the moment it is filled to its arrival at the point of sale. Our robust packaging is built to withstand both manual handling and automated retailer supply chains, providing peace of mind to our customers

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