Why does DS Smith PaPillOn lower your costs?

The development of DS Smith PaPillOn products were inspired by real market needs: all companies are seeking continuously savings and opportunities to operate production and/or product distributions at the most total cost efficient way.

Clear and simple processes, the low risk in sourcing packaging items, the sustainability related indicators/costs, the ideal specifications of primary and secondary packaging items are all contributing the success of our customers. You may have already heard these, or similar questions associated with your logistic conditions:

  • What does it cost for You if your production area is sensitive to the quality of air?

How to close out dirt, dust to maintain the right conditions for your production (risk of electrostatic discharge, risk of microorganisms, dirt and dust)? Do you re-palletize raw materials and finished goods before and after your production area?

DSS PapillOn Pallet can be an optional solution to eliminate extra re-palletization and all associated costs!

Test DSS PaPillOn Pallet and/or DSS PaPillOn Top Deck for your production area!

  • What does it cost for You to get always the same quality wooden pallet at the same price?

How do you secure that moisture of wooden pallet is always safely under the 22%? How can you fix the price in case of limited access to wooden raw material or on a volatile wooden price market? What does it cost for You to prevent customer claims due „black” wooden pallets, infected by microorganisms?

DS Smith PaPillOn is made of paper, does not need drying, heat treatment and raw materials are available on a stable market. In additon to these, using DS Smith PaPillOn solutions means less risk of claims or handling return materials.

  • What does it cost for you to deliver your products to your customers or partners on the „greenest way”?

Are you expected to be aware of the environmental footprint of your activities?  What does it cost for your customers to handle or scrap the pallets?

DS Smith PaPillOn is made of recycled paper and can be recycled again as any other paper based product, this is the way it is also cost effective. Furthermore, it is Your green solution.

  • What does it cost for you to pack your product into metal or wooden containers?

Do you have a complicated packing process or do you feel that your container packaging is way too expensive for a one way shipment?

DSS PaPillOn Container solutions may be an optimal and also cost effective alternative to replace your current packaging.

  • What does it cost for you if wooden pallet or top deck frequently cause injuries or need repair/replacement to prevent accidents?

Do you workers like lifting 22kgs alone? Do you workers like wearing safety gloves? Do small, broken wooden pieces cause any issue in your production or risk the quality of your product? DS Smith PaPillOn products are light, easy to handle and only glue was used to assemble them.

Above questions are only a few, worth to discuss with us. Please consider your problems, and tell us! DS Smith PaPillOn may be able to give you a better solution, we tell you why.