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  • Why choose DS Smith PaPillOn?

Our paper pallet is much lighter than a wooden pallet, so it is a great solution if you want to decrease your transport, environmental and duty fees, while enjoying much more benefit:

- DS Smith PaPillOn Pallet resists mould and microorganism too, because it’s made of 100% recycled paper. This material is extremely strong and massive but also flexible in construction and size.

- It has no nails and staples, so the risk of injuries is much lower than using wooden pallets.

- Our pallet has the same functionality and features as standard EUR pallet.

- It has been tested in all different circumstances – it passed all TESTS


  • Is it cheaper than a wooden pallet?

Due to our unique, eco-friendly solution and the innovative patented technology we use for production, we provide a competitive price and deliver further benefits to minimize your total costs associated with our product.

  • How much? Do you have a price list?

We at DS Smith, as packaging strategists, do believe in tailor-made solutions. We gladly give you a proposal after a consultation that is in 100% correspondence with your business needs and absolutely competitive on the market. Please, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • You said I can save money if I choose your product. How?

For example, you can reduce your shipping cost and taxes based on weight, due to the fact that DS Smith PaPillOn Pallet is approx. half-weight of wooden pallets. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about heat treatment. You can also optimize your in-house processes with the multi-rotational use of the DS Smith PaPillOn Container.  DS Smith PaPillOn Top Deck will save your products, you eliminate risk of damage and potential quality claims. In addition to all this, we provide you with a tailor-made solution at the lowest total cost.


  • How quickly can I get it? When will it be ready?

Some of our products are standard in size and construction and are available within short lead time. Unique solutions may need longer time for development and preparation of production.

  • Is it possible to order only a few samples of this product and test in our conditions?

The best way to be convinced about how DS Smith PaPillOn would behave in Your warehouse or distribution channel is to try it and evaluate results. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • I need to ship internationally; I need to ship overseas; do your pallets meet those requirements?

Usual climate conditions impact the product less than the corrugated boxes. If you use corrugated boxes for oversea shipments and you do not have any problems, than you will not have any with DS Smith PaPillOn. Extreme climate conditions (humidity over 95% RH) are critical in longer term for all paper based packaging materials without special coating.

  • Why it is not heat treated? I thought it is compulsory to be able to ship overseas, or not?

 Heat treatment is needed only for wooden based products with production technology that are not automatically killing all possible worms and insects in wood that may infect oversea areas. Paper based products - due to the conditions of producing and processing papers in paper mills – do not contain any infecting organisms and so do not need heat treatment.

  • Can you ensure there won’t be a problem in shipping by having NO heat treatment?

 Yes, we can guarantee. Import customs departments of any oversea countries inspect only wooden based packaging components.

  • Can you provide all certifications to domestic and also international transport?

Yes, we can provide. All of our products are enjoying the compulsory certifications for domestic and international transport.


  • How can a pallet be eco-friendly?

 We use only eco-friendly materials during the production: only recycled paper and water-based glue are used during the production. Each DS Smith PapillOn products are 100% recyclable, homogen, so no further selection needed if you want to recycle. DS Smith PaPillOn products are also available in CoC certified version upon customers’ request.

Using DS Smith products, the company and You can make a positive impact on the carbon footprint.

  • Ok, it is eco-friendly, but is it safe?

Thanks to its core material, paper, DSS PaPillOn Pallett has no nails and staples, so the risk of the injuries and accidents are lower than in case of using wooden pallets. It is light, weight only 7-10 kgs, which ensures more comfort for your collagues.

  • You use recycled paper for producing. Where do you get it?

 We do not use special paper, so it can be provided from all paper suppliers, so that there is no supply risk. DS Smith as the 2nd biggest producer of paper based packaging in Europe, it has one of the strongest buying position of paper on the market.

DS Smith PapillOn Pallet

  • For how many times can I reuse DSS PaPillOn Pallets?

At reasonable handling conditions we intensively rotated DSS PaPillOn Pallet for more than 6 months. Although there were some visual damages on the surface, functionality and usability was unchanged. We suggest trying few samples for a month, recording the number of loads and unloads in Your logistics environment.

  • How do I know if paper pallet has the same strength as wood has?

 The DS Smith PaPillOn products are DSS tested.  They are strong and flexible in construction and size: we loaded DSS PaPillOn Pallet over 500kgs and carried it with a forklift. DSS PaPillOn Pallet passed the test, there was no damage. All tests we made are enough only to demonstrate strength. The best way to be convinced about how DS Smith PaPillOn would behave in Your warehouse or distribution channel is to try it and evaluate results.

  • In what sizes are DSS PaPillOn Pallets are available?

DSS PaPillOn Pallets are available three different types (with or without slices, 3 or 5 bars). The standard size of pallet is 800mm width, 1200mm length and 144 mm height, but sizes can be changed to your needs.

  • On the top deck of pallets there are protruding nails, which are damaging the goods stacked on them. Could it happen with the pallets produced by you?”

 No, it could never happen with the DS Smith PaPillOn products: there are no nails and staples, simple unbreakable.

DSS PaPillOn Top Deck helps you to protect and stabilize your goods and while banding your product with no damage.

  • The pallets, we are using for packaging are moldy, which is dangerous for our stock. How can your product solve this problem?

 DSS PaPillOn Pallet is made of 100% recycled paper. This material resists the mould and microorganism, so heat treatment is not needed.

  • How can the pallet be recycled?

DSS PaPillOn pallet can be recycled as any other paper based waste and can be sold on recycling market.

DS Smith PapillOn Top Deck

  • In what sizes are the DSS PaPillOn Top Decks available?

DS Smith produce top deck with the standard 800x1200mm and 1000x1200mm but it is available with unique sizes as well. The height of the top deck is 32mm, it is a fixed dimension.

  • How is the top deck assembled?

We use only water based glue, no nails or any other metal/plastic components. Therefore handling is safe and ergonomic, its design prevents injuries.

  • What kinds of tests were completed?

We tested the strength of the profile to prove that it can carry a pallet with weight of 1500kgs safely in any road conditions.

We tested the top deck during strapping: passed all tests without damages with all manual or automated strapping equipment.

We completed transportation tests to check if double stacked pallets arrived safely regardless of the road conditions, the distance or the weight of the upper pallet. Top deck performed perfectly.

DS Smith offers a consultation to define the right steps of validating top deck.

DSS PapillOn Container Solutions

  • Do you have a catalogue of available solutions?

Due to the complex need and validation protocol behind a container solution, DS Smith recommends having a consultation in order to tailor the design of DSS PaPillOn Containers to the reviewed and actualized needs. DSS PaPillOn Container can successfully replace plastic, wooden or metal containers, but it is essential to understand the product, packing process and distribution related conditions. Rather than creating some standard solutions, we prefer to develop the most optimal one for You.