dS smith papillon

An innovative solution for your logistics & business


The strongest paper pallet ever

Made of recycled paper, the DS Smith PaPillOn pallet can handle loads up to 1000 kilagrams

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Tailored to your business needs

The DS Smith PaPillOn Container can be optimised for one way or multi-trip use

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A secured product

DS Smith PaPillOn Top Deck protects and stabilizes your products when stacked

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  • DS Smith PaPillOn Pallet
  • DS Smith PaPillOn Container
  • DS Smith PaPillOn Top Deck

DS Smith PaPillOn

An innovative and smart solution for you!

We have an innovative and smart solution for your logistics & business. We developed an unbeatable product family for You with the name of DS Smith PaPillOn which includes a 100% paper fibre Pallet, a Container, a Top Deck and other integrated systems.

DS Smith PaPillOn products are made of 100% recycled paper, converted into special shapes which is a unique innovation in the industry.

The Clean Profile

All products, made of the DS Smith PaPillOn profile are free from moisture, dust, dirt. Do not contain any infectious organisms, therefore there is no need to heat treat them, to check moisture content or worry about air humidity or storage conditions.* 
(*- humidity over 95% RH may be critical to any paper based material)

Eco-friendly as YOU

DS Smith PaPillOn is made of 100% recycled paper, converted into a special shape which is a unique innovation in the industry. Only eco-friendly materials are used for producing. 

Why DS Smith PaPillOn?

Whilst ‘PaPillOn’ means butterfly in French, the name tells all the benefits:

  •  ‘Pa’ stands for the paper-made solution
  •  ‘Pill’ stands for a strong pillar
  • ‘On’ stands for the light-weight result

The DS Smith PaPillOn Profile

DS Smith Packaging launched an innovative product family which is based on a patented solution made by unique production steps and special machinery. Pallets, Top Decks and Container solutions are made of DS Smith PaPillOn Profile. Only 100% recycled paper and glue are used to create the profile. The length of the profile is free to change until 1600 mm, and due to different joint solutions, DS Smith can design various products and solutions.