E-commerce Packaging Trends in 2021 and beyond

Recently, we published an article about the evolution of 25 years of e-commerce where our expert designer, Gavin Mounce,  explained how end user’s expectations has changed over the years. This time we explore the trends that will influence e-commerce in 2021 and the coming years.  

The trends:

  1. Ensuring that packaging is user friendly

With the substantial increase of e-commerce over the last few years, end consumers expect the package to be user friendly, but what does this mean? 

  1. Packaging that is used as a branding channel: packaging that delights

E-commerce packaging is a great opportunity for brands to stand out. But how will brands replace the classic brown box to make their messages stand out? What are the dual functionalities on the packaging that will be in used in the future?

  1. Sustainability & plastic replacement

One of the most critical elements today and highly demanded by customers, is packaging that is sustainable.  What are the key elements to make e-commerce packaging more sustainable? Where do we see a tendency to replace plastic in e-commerce packaging?

Watch the below short interview and find out more about these e-commerce trends

Video: 7 minutes long

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