Five ways we were Redefining Packaging in 2020

Our Purpose of Redefining Packaging for a Changing World is our reason for being. By innovating and adapting, our packaging will meet the changing needs of our customers and consumers.

1. Partnered with Touchguard® to develop Virus Resistant Packaging 

​​​​​We signed an exclusive partnership with Touchguard® to develop a new range of bacteria and virus-safeguarded sustainable cardboard packaging.

Downsized_supply chain new.jpg

This new patented technology is effective across a range of bacteria and viruses including envelope viruses, of which COVID-19 is a member. This virus family requires its envelope and spikes to attach and replicate to host cells, but Touchguard® disrupts the envelope to prevent the virus from replicating, effectively mitigating the risk of person-to-person transfer. 

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2. Created temperature controlled packaging with Temperpack

We  partnered with TemperPack® to enlarge our offer and include a fully recyclable thermal insulation made from plant-based components and paper.

temperpack---climacell-1_300dpi_920.jpgThanks to its sustainable thermal insulation barrier, this is the perfect solution for goods needing temperature control such as meal kits, perishable groceries and medical products. 

4. Tracked, measured and optimised delivery with ParceLive

Last year we launched an exclusive partnership with Hanhaa for the use of the innovative ParceLive technology to track, measure and optimise delivery and conditions across the supply chain. Data is sent to an online platform allowing customers to understand where their products are in real-time, as well as the current condition of the packaging. 

ParceLive is an advanced multi-sensory tracker which travels within the packaging and continuously records real-time data linked to supply chain conditions, such as temperature, humidity, location, and even if the parcel is dropped, tilted or opened.

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4. Replaced hard to recycle packaging with Aquapak

In 2020, we partnered wit​h Aquapak, an innovative developer of biodegradable polymers, to develop fully recyclable and sustainable fibre based packaging solutions. This  next generation packaging will replaced hard to recycle packaging made from combined materials such as cardboard and plastic.

aquapak-factory_2.jpgEarly applications include a range of fibre-based packaging where traditional plastic films can be replaced with Aquapak's HydropolTM, a biodegradable and water-soluble polymer that will help to improve the recycling process.

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5. Developed ECO Bowl™

The winner of our 2019 Ideas Challenge, ECO Bowl™ is a fully recyclable corrugated cardboard tray, covered with a thin plastic skin film and closed with a top film.

Eco_Bowl2 (1).jpg

The plastic skin and top film can be easily removed for disposal, leaving the corrugated tray for recycling, resulting in up to 85% reduction in plastic versus a traditional plastic tray. In 2020 ECO Bowl™ launched to customers in 15 European countries with our strategic partner MULTIVAC.

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